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How The Better Mind Map works

How The Better Mind Map works
  • Write your design challenge or problem in the center of a blank piece of paper and circle it.
  • Add the following five Topic Areas around the central challenge: User needs, Inspiration, Constraints, Commercial drivers, Service design triggers.
  • In the Service design triggers Area, Pick 3 triggers from Entertainment, Simplified/light, Adaptable, Economical, Integrated, Durable.
  • Consolidate what you know about each topic area into 3 triggers each.



The Better Mind Map

Combining the Mind Map Technique with the Creativity Triggers Technique.

The novelty of The Better Mind Map is in the custom triggers tailored to a specific challenge. It is a template that provides structure for your early thinking  and customizable to suit your purposes.

Sketching ideas
From your mind map:
  • Divide a piece of paper into six sections.
  • Dedicate each section to a sketched idea, based on a single trigger from your Better Mind Map

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How I use mindmaps

1. Open a standard map: with the main topic at the centre.

2. Jot down all my ideas: without structure, in brainstorming mode.

3. Review my big mess: It supports me to eliminate what is not interesting, associate what is identical. etc

4. Review my clean new frame: I’ll review, connect it to images, leading words, and reduce it to the minimum needed.

5. Rehearse it, produce it… lose time, save time: I’ll work on producing (writing a document) or rehearsing (speech).



Bubble mind map template

Use the bubble mind map to chart out your concepts and ideas.

Obstacles to an effective brainstorming:
  • Fear of judgment from people in positions of power;
  • Extroverts take center stage;
  • Groups hate scary ideas, even it they're great ones;