Stop Living in Boxes

Stop Living in Boxes

Even though our bodies are capable of performing extraordinary activities, we barely use our physical capabilities.

The more time you spend sitting on the couch, the lazier you’ll get. The more you move, the more energetic you feel. Using your energy creates more of it.

Start to live outside the box and change your habits. All you need to do is to start.

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Create Your Daily Sources of Inspiration

Guess what happens if you constantly tell yourself that you’re tired? Correct, you’ll feel tired.

If you change what you think and believe, you’ll automatically change what you do.

Install an affirmation reminder app on your phone. Change your posture and stand upright, change your screensaver to a positive, energized picture or xercise for a little while.

Do a Mid-Day Check-in

A lot of people experience an energy-dip around lunchtime. That’s because we eat the wrong foods for lunch and our bodies need lots of energy to digest the meals we consume.

Try these things when you lack energy:

  1. Allow yourself to rest and fuel your energy through a short nap or some calming exercises such as meditation.
  2. Move your body in order to create energy. For instance, by going on a short walk or doing a quick workout ( Sit-ups, squats etc.)
Limit Your Mindless Screen time

Various studies prove that most adults widely underestimate the time they spend staring at screens.

Instead of staring at your phone screen and scrolling through pointless social media posts, you could do anything else that helps you feel better instead of worse.

In the end, your devices and social media accounts are just tools and it’s up to you to use them appropriately.

Be a Sponge

One of the main reasons for fatigue among adults is that they are chronically dehydrated.

Whenever you feel thirsty and have a dry mouth, it's a sign that you're already dehydrated.

You can easily remember yourself to drink by setting a silent hourly alarm on your phone and by having always a water bottle near you.

Build a Winddown Routine

If you don’t sleep well, you’ll likely wake up feeling exhausted and spend your entire day lacking energy and motivation.

End the day in a positive and calm way. Meditate, listen to your favourite music, do yoga, paint and reduce your screen time.

Also, minimize noise and light during your wind-down routine. 

Create Physical Clarity

Feeling energized is hard if you're sorrounded by clutter and dust. Decluttering and tidying up can give you a nice energy boost.

When we feel tired, we often think that we need rest. Yet, quite often, the opposite is true and we need movement to feel more energized.

Tide up your home or office. It will force you to get up and move, but it'll also boost your mental clarity.

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Reclaiming our power over our stressful lives requires emotional energy management for intentional stress relief. We must release the standard go-tos which, surprisingly, do more damage than good. This includes anything that stifles our emotions or keeps us distracted, preventing us from dealing with feelings of stress.

Avoiding our feelings is culturally popular and acceptable, but ineffective at relieving stress and usually involves practices that further deplete our mood and energy. Facing our emotions directly and deliberately allows us to achieve unfeigned stress relief.

Prevent Tiredness

General tiredness affects the majority of people.

Here are a few basic ideas to have all-day energy:

  1. Respect your body's sleep cycle
  2. Move around
  3. Moderate coffee intake.
Stop using technology at least 20 minutes before bed.

This is one of the most difficult things to do in today’s age. Technology is pervasive and avoiding the conversations that you are having can feel like an unnecessary pain point.

Turning off your messaging for the night a bit before you sleep, though, will help you mind wind down. Otherwise, you will be putting your head down thinking about responding to someone, leaving the conversation abruptly, or about the topic you were discussing.

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