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6. Self-actualized people never stop learning

6. Self-actualized people never stop learning

When you’re self-actualized, you’ll crave knowledge. As a result of opening your mind to new subjects, you broaden your perspective of the world.

Read about philosophy, psychology, or anything that sparks your curiosity. Self-education helps you to be a more well-rounded individual.

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1.    If you want to be self-actualized, you must accept yourself (flaws and all)

First, you need to accept who you are, including your flaws. Some imperfections you can fix, but others you’ll have for life. Decide to approve of these unchangeable traits.

Are you ready to get self-actualized?

Self-actualizing can be a challenge if you’re already going through a demanding time. But luckily, it’s still possible!

3. Try new things

To become as extraordinary as you can, you must gain more life experiences.

4. Embrace honesty

It’s necessary, to be honest with others and yourself if you want to be self-actualized. I’m an INFJ, so honesty has always been important to me.

Everything you say or do needs to be authentic and real. Besides, every time you lie, you downgrade yourself to a lower level.

Instead, tell people what you think, regardless of whether they agree. Be bold enough to speak out for what you feel is right. Dare to be a nonconformist!

2. Become self-actualized by being more independent

Self-actualized people have solid relationships with others. While this may be true, they also cherish the time they spend alone. They understand how vital it is to have an unbreakable connection with themselves.

They trust their opinions. As a result, they won’t need to check with their friends to find out what they think before deciding.

If all your friends believe some deranged story, the self-actualized people are brave enough to disagree. Besides, they’ve already accepted themselves, so they aren’t desperate for anyone else’s approval.

7. Dig deep

Addressing our psychopathologies (mental issues) is essential to finding one’s self. Not to mention, they’re one of the major focuses here at Motivated Progress. 

While it’s not pleasant to think about your issues, it’s necessary for you to triumph over them. These toxic mental habits are damaging to your life, and many people have them.

9. Have peak experiences

Self-actualized people have peak experiences often. A peak experience is a moment of complete bliss and euphoria.

These magical moments happen when you’re doing something you love with exceptional skill. Such as when you’re playing a sport so well that it’s as if you’re a superhuman. Or when you’ve lost yourself in a painting or while playing an instrument.

Self-actualized people

Self-actualized people are extraordinary and different from the rest of society. They’re confident, joyful, creative, independent, and free. These people flow with life instead of resisting or fighting against it. Above all, they bask in the phenomenal feeling of reaching their highest potential.

Self-actualizing transforms you

Self-actualizing will transform you into the most exceptional person you could ever be. It’s possible for you. In fact, it’s everyone’s responsibility to become the best person they can be.

Therefore, don’t try to be like everyone else and decide today to be yourself! Avoid buying the same clothes or the same cell phone as everyone else. Don’t mindlessly agree with what other people think. Relish in being unique!

5. Experience the present

Self-actualized people realize how precious life is, and they live accordingly. It’s important to understand that one of these days, you won’t be here anymore.

8. Find your purpose

To become self-actualized, you must take responsibility for your life and happiness. But you’ll never reach fulfillment if you deprive yourself of a passion or a goal.

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Self mastery is a path, an orientation one chooses to hold toward oneself and the world.

It’s a commitment to never-ending improvement; it’s a process of becoming.

It’s based on the realization that there are parts of us that will always try to hold us back.

Our biggest naysayers aren’t “out there.” They are within us.

A 2018 study updates Maslow's famous "Hierarchy of Needs" through modern methods. The research shows that self-actualized people share 10 specific traits.


The American psychologist Abraham Maslow famously proposed in 1954 the “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” which theorized that psychological health culminated in self-actualization. Maslow saw that as being able to fulfill your potential, becoming your true self.

The theory of motivation
The theory of Maslow represents itself as a pyramid that explains the levels of needs.
  • The lowest and first one is physical needs such as water, food, and air. 
  • Second, come safety and security needs. 
  • Third comes the need for relationships, friendships, and love. 
  • Last, self-esteem and self-actualization.

Those who have fulfilled their needs at the lower level will try to level up and also fulfill their needs in the upper levels.