Shared Leadership Vs Teamwork

Shared Leadership Vs Teamwork

Teams are effective due to various processes like psychological safety, constructive conflict and sharing of information.

While teamwork is definitely better with the presence of such processes, the importance of shared leadership in team members is often overlooked.

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  • Shared leadership increases the diversity of thought and creates synergy, proving that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • It also increases awareness for backup behaviour and primary/secondary accountability.
  • It can be a high-maintenance system, requiring structure, communication and coordination. It requires more energy and maybe overkill for simple tasks.

A role exchange mindset promotes self-selection of roles and responsibilities as per the person best suited for the particular task or project. It also takes into account that each team member isn’t available at all times, and the task at hand will evolve and change hands.

People have to be comfortable with going back-and-forth with their roles and responsibilities, switching between leading and following.

We all worry about our own productivity, but fail to see that it is interconnected with other colleagues, peers, bosses and subordinates, which are sharing the same ecosystem and goals.

In shared leadership, individuals can be navigators to set the direction or to orchestrate tasks, engineers to solve problems, integrators to facilitate communication and interactive activities, and liaisons to act as connectors to external partners

To be a leader, one has to be self-aware and also be aware of others work-related skills, strengths and weaknesses.

One has to be clear on what skills the team has, which requires a good grip on each team member's role preference.

A leader with an ego is a bad leader, especially in the long run. An optimized shared leadership role is best suited for someone who only takes up the role when the team or situation demands, and defers or delegates roles and responsibilities to others based on merit.

A true leader is humble and lets other people take up the mantle without judgement.

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Teamwork is perceived as being extremely efficient in our everyday working structure, as it develops social skills in addition to enabling a faster achievement of goals.

However, each and every person who is part of the team has to give his or her best in order for the team itself to function successfully.

What Everyone Should Know About Teamwork

  • Working to inspire and motivate those around;
  • Focus on collaboration between team members, which creates synergy and a better experience for employees;
  • “Walking the talk,” or act with integrity and honesty with every team member;
  • Building trust: consistently acting with integrity and honesty;
  • Developing and supporting others, and celebrating their successes;
  • Building relationships, which communicates that each team member is valued.

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