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Different Types Of Personality Conflicts

Different Types Of Personality Conflicts

  • Work style differences - Some people work quickly, while others like the rush of waiting till the deadline is looming.
  • Background differences – gender, ethnicity, social economic status, political views, and religious backgrounds can cause people to view situations with different perspectives.
  • Attitude differences – cynicism, arrogance, and irritability all contribute to an attitude of negativity.
  • Competitive versus cooperative differences.

Consequences of personality conflicts

Consequences of personality conflicts

It’s important however, to realize that there can be serious consequences when personalities clash:

  • Stress – having to deal with personality clashes causes a great deal of tension and anxiety. Being in a constant state of alert, preparing for the next unpleasant interaction, can cause both physical and mental strain.
  • Lower productivity – when members of the team are in conflict with each other, that conflict has a negative effect on the entire project.

Handling Personality Clashes

Handling Personality Clashes

The good news is that while workplace conflicts are unavoidable, there are ways to minimize them:

  • Acceptance – sometimes all that’s necessary to defuse a personality conflict is a little bit of kindness and understanding.
  • Stay professional – conduct yourself in a professional manner. Be calm and courteous during interactions.
  • Find the source – when personality conflicts do arise, it’s important to determine what the real issue is.
  • Take it to management – if you have been unable to resolve it.

How To Handle Personality Conflicts At Work

How To Handle Personality Conflicts At Work

A clash of personalities is most likely at the root of these conflicts. Despite our best efforts, we sometimes just can’t seem to make it work.

The unfortunate result is that the quality and enjoyment of our work suffers, and our stress levels skyrocket. In most cases when personality conflicts happen in the workplace, the entire team is disrupted as well.

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