The Convicting Tick

A study was done by a Harvard researcher on bomb-disposal operatives and split them into two groups: those who have been decorated for their work and those who hadn't. Their study showed that the operatives who've been decorated, when placed in the danger zone, entered a state of cold, meditative focus, where their heart rates went down as compared to the other group.

The confidence that they had with themselves is what made them calm and have a mezzanine level of consciousness.

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Studies show there is a group of people who live really good lives. They are happier, have more friends, are more successful, are good parents and community members. These people have varied circumstances. Some are rich, and others are poor. They don't share politics, race, or religion.

What they do have in common is that they're concerned about future generations and work to make the world a better place. What makes them stand out is the story they tell themselves about their lives.

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Schedule things that make you happy

The activities that we have on our calendar are most likely the things that we're supposed to do but in order to not tire ourselves out, we must also make time for the things that make us happy.

The people who spend more time on projects that energize them and with people who bring the same energizing energy tend to be happier.

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Behavior is contagious

Context is the most powerful catalyst for changing your life. And the persons you associate with often determine the type of person you become. 

For people who want improved health, association with other healthy people is usually the strongest and most direct path of change.

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