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Two Powerful Social Forces

There are two powerful social Forces that prevent many of us from discovering our unique strengths

1. Eulogy Delay

2. Transience Aversion

Transience Aversion

We don't like to think about our eventual death.

We often think we have infinite time to acheive our goals

This thought holds us back from making the most of what we have now

Exercise to find your strengths

All you need to do is get little help from your family and friends

Ask them to write about your unique qualities

You can also do the same to your surrounding people. This will inspire them to write for you.

Another exercise is get a chunk of time and write a letter to you from the future you (Best version of future you) this will help you become the better person as you wish to be in personal , professional and social life.

Always keep this letter accessible so that you can read it out whenever you need motivation boost.

Focus on what you do Best

Strengthen your strengths

Don't let your limitations limit you

Eulogy Delay

We don't let people know what's special about them.

But, we need other people to help us recognise our unique capabilities and skills

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