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It's ok to reconceptualize problem structure when it doesn't work

• Be open to reconceptualizing problem structure. Often, the structure we invent doesn’t work for our problem and leads to dead ends. When stuck, we must be willing to reconceptualize a problem and look for new ways to address it.


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Good problem-solving habits

  • Stay with it. Keep on trying, even if you don't make progress every day.
  • Be open to reconceptualising problem structure. If the system we invented leads to dead ends, be open to looking for a new way to address it.
  • Take breaks.

Having a Structure

Having a Structure

In order to create order in chaos, we can create a structure that we can rely on. It will help us to get the important commitments done on time when we need them be.

However, when having a structure, don't let yourself make it your "ol' reliable." Allow the structure to be guide yo...

Reasons to Create Structure

  • When we have a huge mess around us, it’s hard to be focused. It’s hard to really put our best effort into our meaningful work.
  • Lack of structure creates a lack of trustability. When our lives are completely unstructured and messy, it’s hard for others to trust us.
  • ...

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