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Where Does Consciousness Come From?

Where Does Consciousness Come From?

Electrical activity doesn't explain how a physical substance can create non-physical condition like consciousness. Religions explain consciousness as a gift from God, embedded into our bodies to guide us through this world.

Scientists veer more towards biological origins - they see consciousness as a collection of biological processes that build towards more complicated thinking that eventually culminates in self-awareness.

What Happens When You Die?

What Happens When You Die?

Many people who have gone through near-death experiences and then come back to life speak about tunnels of light or flashbacks to life occurrences or conversations with loved ones who've passed away.

Scientist do understand the beginning stages of death. They know how the human body begins shutting down. 

Your body's cells begin to blink off, one by one, until your heart and brain cease activity.

Is Reality Real?

Is Reality Real?

The things and people in our lives are merely illusions. How do we know that any of these objects and creatures actually exist? Maybe they're constructs of our own internal mechanisms, spawned by our subconscious for unknown purposes.

We keep discovering new particles and fundamental forces, from molecules to atoms, that drive our bodies and our world. 

It's entirely possible that the universe could be made up of dozens or thousands of dimensions that we'll never experience in any direct way.

Why Do We Dream?

Why Do We Dream?

Scientists and sleep experts know when people normally dream. Typically, you dream during the rapid-eye movement(REM) portion of the sleep cycle. You can see when a person is experiencing REM sleep because their eyes zip to and their bodies may twitch and jerk, too. The brain's electrical patterns are very active in this phase, just like when you're awake.

Perhaps dreams are a way to reconcile your past and present experiences to prepare and steel you for the future.

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