A Scientific Approach To God - Deepstash
Spiritual atheism: Can you be scientific and spiritual? - Big Think

Spiritual atheism: Can you be scientific and spiritual? - Big Think

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A Scientific Approach To God

Certain religions like Buddhism are scientific in nature and do not talk of any all-powerful deity or God.

They focus on inner transformation, teaching spiritual exploration, or endeavor, with practical experiments in knowing the self and looking at the world with a feeling of wonder and awe.

Science And Spirituality

Science And Spirituality

Spirituality or spiritual practices are often confused for religion but are an entirely different phenomenon having a scientific core: self-inquiry.

Spiritual And Sacred

Being spiritual and sacred is incorrectly associated with religion, which may have rules, dogma, guidelines and other characteristics, something not part of the true essence of self-inquiry in one’s inner exploration and subsequent transformation.

Scientific Inquiry Is Spiritual

Science is only one of the many ways by which knowledge is attained, and truth is explored and discovered. The totality of being human includes other ways of exploring and knowing reality, which are beyond descriptions and explanations. One of those ways is the pursuit of self-realization.

Spiritual But Not Religious

  • Religion is a much broader term than what the fundamentalists have promoted. It can be as objective as science (For example Buddhism).
  • Spirituality encompasses a lot more than what various religions try to impose on individuals.

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