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Managing Time Like a Pro

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The breaks can be short. Real short. One study tested break lengths of 1, 5, and 9 minutes, and all these break conditions made people feel better. 

Yes, even a one-minute break made a noticeable improvement. Anyone can find 60 seconds in the day, though you can probably find more.


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Break 3: Spiritual

A spiritual break is a little less intuitive, but in this context I mean anything affecting the human spirit or soul.

Like praying, meditating, reading spiritual texts or devotionals, listening to uplifting music, looking at something beautiful, or doing anything that connects you to someth...


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Break 1: Physical

This might include a walk around the block, walking the dog, going for a run, doing a workout video, jumping rope, doing some kettlebell exercises, or hustling up and down the stairs.


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Break 2: Social

This could involve grabbing coffee with a colleague (or FaceTiming over a cup of coffee if you’re working virtually), having lunch with your partner and kids if they’re around, or calling a friend or family member you want to catch up with.


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How to schedule your breaks

Here is a example.

10:30 a.m. : Move a text thread with a friend to the phone for a few minutes. (Social)

1:00 p.m. : Read an inspirational book while you’re eating your lunch. (We have


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Borrow from the retail sector

While working in fast food restaurant , we got three breaks in eight hours shift: 2 15 min smoking break and a 30 min lunch break.

And taking break during daily activities proven to increase energy levels, and highly likely to improve mood.

And people are happiest when exercising, s...


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Take strategic breaks

Your energy levels will naturally decrease throughout the day, but you can recharge your batteries by taking breaks.

  • High performers work for fifty-two minutes, then take a seventeen-minute break.
  • Taking a five-minute walk every hour boost energy levels and sharpens focus, o...

5. The Pomodoro Technique

5. The Pomodoro Technique

Doing deep work, you should never forget to take breaks. Tomatoes can remind you to take your breaks.

The idea of Pomodoro is very simple. 

  • You should break down your daily work and complete it in intervals separated by short breaks. 
  • You work for 25 minu...

3: Combine with Pomodoro/Animedoro Technique

3: Combine with Pomodoro/Animedoro Technique

Working for long hours without taking breaks can overwhelm you and unmotivate you. 

Set a timer of 25/40/60 minutes where you focus only on your work/study. Then take a break of 5/10/20 mintues where you stop studying and you do something else ( watch a sho...

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