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Indian‘s way to enjoy tea

Masala chai

+ Grind the ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and peppercorns (additional)

+ Add them to the boiling water

+ Add the tea leaves (one teaspoon per cup)

+ Tunggu sampe mateng, terus tambahin susu

+ Teh yang ideal rasanya kaya biskuit


7 Ways to Drink Tea | Around the World

7 Ways to Drink Tea | Around the World

Great Big Story


+ gunpowder tea, mint, sugar (don't skip the sugar)

+ usually, tea service is one by male head of the the house. it's a tradition that passed from father to son.

+ boil the water first (pake arang???)

+ add a green tea leaves, sugar, and add more water. then, put the teapot back to the fire.

+ when it's ready, put it to the glasses (gelasnya kecil-kecil kaya sloki)

+ usually, the moroccan tea served with bread and dates

+ the more you add the leaves, the more red the tea color becomes


Yerba maté, originated from Paraguay

- Heat the water until 80°c (the water doesn't have to boil)

- Insert the yerba maté to the cup make it loose

- Cover the cup with your hand, shake it to remove the herb dust

- After removing the dust, pour heated water into the cup without the bombilla (the straw with holes on the bottom) while holding the maté at a 45 degrees angle

- Once the water is in, put the bombilla

- Kalo air tehnya udah abis, tambahin air lagi

- Maté rasanya pait & gadijual di kafe


+ Orang jaman dulu punya samovar (semacem dispenser tapi dari keramik)

+ Biasanya orang minum macem-macem jenis teh sekaligus (5-6 cups in a row)

+ Sambil minum teh sambil pegang sapu tangan, karena teh bikin keringetan

+ Brewing teh di teapot kecil dari kaca, terus ditambah air dari samovar

+ Biasanya jenis teh yang diminum: black tea

+ Served with various kind foods, both sweet and savory


+ black tea

+ the water temperature must be at least 100°c or it won't be steamed properly

+ ideal brewing time: 3 mins

+ sugar or a little bit sugar

+ can be served as an afternoon tea, usually served with cakes, sandwiches, or scones



+ The purpose of the tea ceremony become a way to attain enlighment

+ Pake chashaku (untuk nyendok tehnya

+ Tuang air hangat 80°c sedikit aja

+ Disajiin pake keramik


+ Boba + black tea + creamer/fresh milk + ice


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  • Put some stars and plantes on the stage, and it sags underneath them.
  • That misshapen stage, with all its little warps and dips, gives us gravity.


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