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With his new wealth,he not only paid for the wedding but also acquired a scarlet robe for himself.

He wrote that there was“no more coordination, no more unity, no more beauty” between his elegant robe and the rest of his stuff.

Diderot soon felt the urge to upgrade possessions.

He replaced his rug with one from Damascus. He decorated his home with expensive sculptures. He bought a mirror to place above the mantel, and a better kitchen table. 

Like falling dominoes, one purchase led to the next.


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How the Diderot Effect was named

French writer and philosopher Denis Diderot once acquired a beautiful scarlet dressing gown. So he got rid of his old gown and admired the new one. But now the rest of his possessions felt old, so he went on a buying spree to replace his old possessions with more extravagant options, eventually l...

History of the Diderot Effect

History of the Diderot Effect

The French philosopher Denis Diderot became a wealthy man at age 52 and was able to afford small indulgences.

He started with a scarlet robe and continued with other items, because they were not matching the elegance of that robe. The joy of everything he bought was short-lived. Piece ...

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