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What would happen to you if gravity stopped working?

What would happen to you if gravity stopped working?

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Gravity is fundamental to the workings of the Universe

Without the force of gravity, the intense pressures at the core of the sun would cause it to burst open. The same fate would befall other stars in the Universe. Eventually, there would only be a diffuse soup of atoms and molecules drifting around.

While this scenario is impossible, it helps to illustrate just how fundamental gravity is to the Universe.

Without gravity, Earth would break up

  • If gravity were not there, things would not attach to the Earth and fly off and away into space.
  • People would be safer inside buildings because most structures are firmly grounded and would stay put even without gravity, at first.
  • Anything else would float off - the Earth's atmosphere, its oceans, rivers, and lakes would be the first to drift away into space.
  • Earth itself would most likely break apart into chunks and float off into space.

Exploring the idea of no gravity

Exploring the idea of no gravity

While physicists are convinced that we could never switch gravity off, we can still explore the idea.

Without gravity, our bodies would change. After a short visit to space, astronauts lose bone mass and muscle strength, and their sense of balance changes. Their red blood cell count falls, causing "space anaemia". Wounds take longer to heal, the immune system weakens, and sleep is disturbed.

Growing up without gravity

There is good reason to believe the human body would develop differently.

If gravity was not around, our heart, muscles and bones would have nothing to respond to, and our organs would develop in other ways.

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