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Not feeling a special passion for your job

Not feeling a special passion for your job

It is normal not to feel any special passion for your work. A particular slice of the population has been sold on the idea that you should do what you love and that work should be a source of fulfilment. This idea has done lots of damage because when people can't find work they love, they tend to feel there's something wrong with them.

Most of the world works principally for money. We might do better if we're taught to find work we're decent at and don't hate.

A career path based on practical factors

People don't always choose a career path based on a deep, innate drive. Sometimes they find a path based on practical factors such as the work itself, the kind of hours expected, the amount of travel, or other factors that interest or repel them.

If you don't have specific interests or ambitions to guide your career, it's perfectly normal to be open about it and continue growing in the role you're currently in.

Actively disliking your job

If you dislike the way you spend your weeks, that is a sign that something is wrong. You don't want to feel like this for the next ten or twenty years.

There are other options available. In fact, many people switch professional paths entirely when they're mid-career. It is a feasible option.

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