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"In fact, the confidence of the people is worth more than money." ~ Carter G. Woodson





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  1. The purpose of money is not intuitive or linear.
  2. The person having money easily mistakes overconfidence for optimism.
  3. Getting rich and staying rich are two different things that require different tools and habits.
  4. Money makes us fight with ourselves, creating an internal battle.
  5. Just be patient and save more money.
  6. Saving increases our options and debt remove them.
  7. Our expectations cannot catch up with reality.
  8. No amount of money is enough.
  9. Spending money to show others how rich we are is an easy way to get poor.
  10. We are too impressed with what we possess.
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Keynesian Economics

John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) was interested in the level of national income and the volume of employment rather than in the equilibrium of the firm or the allocation of resources. 

He was still concerned with the problem of demand and supply, but “demand” in the Keynesian model means the total level of effective demand in the economy, while “supply” means the country’s capacity to produce. When effective demand falls short of productive capacity, the result is unemployment and depression; conversely, when demand exceeds the capacity to produce, the result is inflation.

Economics - Keynesian economics


Vintage Dresses

Vintage clothing is defined as a new or old garment that belongs to a previous era, in the span of 100 years, after which it becomes antique clothing.

Online sites and neighbourhood stores offer vintage clothes that have become increasingly sought after with buyers who are influenced by celebrities and fashion trends.

The Psychology of Vintage | Psychology Today


Not feeling a special passion for your job

It is normal not to feel any special passion for your work. A particular slice of the population has been sold on the idea that you should do what you love and that work should be a source of fulfilment. This idea has done lots of damage because when people can't find work they love, they tend to feel there's something wrong with them.

Most of the world works principally for money. We might do better if we're taught to find work we're decent at and don't hate.

‘I Feel No Ambition Whatsoever at Work’


Many psychological findings are hard to replicate, but anchoring is easy to demonstrate and repeat.

Court judgements are routinely influenced by anchors, where initial numbers play a subconscious role in the judge’s mind. Salary negotiations are affected by the starting position, so it is always important to make the initial offer.

The science behind our bargain hunting foolishness


Nasdaq overview

The Nasdaq (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) is the oldest and largest electronic stock market globally. All its buying and selling occurs electronically and not on a physical trading floor.

It is the second-largest stock exchange globally based on the market capitalisation of its listed companies.

What is the Nasdaq? Understanding the global stock exchange that's home to the fastest-growing, most innovative companies


The wholesome story of Black Friday

The wholesome story of Black Friday is that happy shoppers would flood local shops and malls the day after Thanksgiving, and the extra spending would put retailers "in the black" for the year.

The Friday after Thanksgiving was named "Black Friday" and it became the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season.

Black Friday History: The Dark True Story Behind The Name


You are broke because of you

You are broke because your financial decisions were not the best, in the past.

This not about winning the lottery or landing in a high-paying job. Just by changing your behavior, this situation can be fixed.

Stop Being Broke Now | Real Estate Investing | Blog


Hangzhou in 12th century CE China
  • During the late Song Dynasty, with the innovation of printing and manufacturing, the Song came closer to initiating an industrial revolution than any other premodern state.
  • The Song empire became the richest on Earth through trade and industry. The capital, Hangzhou, was the wealthiest and most populous city in the world.
  • Song-era China became the first country to print paper money. It was easier to carry in large amounts than metal coins. Hangzhou served as the center of money-printing.

Centers of Progress: Hangzhou (Paper Money)


Regular monthly bills

The bulk of your budget is made up of necessities like rent, phone and internet bills, insurance, etc. If you can lower your monthly expenses, you can save a lot for unplanned events.

  • Find a cheaper place to live.
  • Get a cheaper phone plan
  • Find a better insurance company
  • Grocery show once a week, so you don't waste food.

What Does A Realistic Budget Look Like? - Money Under 30



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