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Give praise at the end of a sentence

Rather than giving praise at the start, say it at the end. Usually when people hear praise they expect something negative to come after it, which can devalue the praise as it can be seen as fake: a tool just to deliver something negative.

Be specific with what you're praising and give it at the end so it appears more genuine and less incencere.


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The Right Kind Of Praise

Effective praise can be given using these three methods:

  1. Defining your intention and providing praise. This involves being mindful of the consequences of your words.
  2. Instead of plain flattery, try to encourage them to move forward and take up further challenges. This also en...

Start at the end

Even when the future seems obvious, it’s worth taking the time on Monday to make it specific and write it down. 

Consider these questions:

If you could jump ahead to the end of your sprint, what questions would be answered? If you went six months or a year further into the future,...

23. Actor

23. Actor

  • A popular thinking tool for acting is called method acting
  • This technique involves trying to actually feel the emotions of the character you’re portraying, rather than just faking it.

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