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Visualize your process working

Visualize your process working

As Marian Wright Edelman stated;

You can’t be what you can’t see.”

Define your target for the month: visualise the specific skills and habits that will lead you towards that future.

Define the actions that will build those skills: visualise what it will look like within your day to day life and schedule.


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Prioritizing and setting boundaries for self-care

Practicing mindfulness and presence

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Great Results

... are built from small actions that you take every day.

It is your habits that will determine who you are and what you can accomplish in the future.

9. Revise regularly

What we do not go back to we forget. The Forgetting Curve shows that you as a learner will forget an average of 90% percent of what you learn within the first month. 

So, it is critical to build a revision schedule into...

Keep your strategy simple

Whenever you have found your goal, try achieving it by directing your actions towards it. For that, you need a simple strategy. 

Remember, the more simple your strategy is, the faster you will accomplish your target.

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