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The Lost Art Of Critical Thinking

Asking fresh questions is essential to critical thinking, and for solving problems that appear unsolvable to rigid minds.

Thinking outside the box, a well-known cliché involves asking uncomfortable or unheard of questions that may sound ridiculous to some.

Good Questions Bad Questions

Good Questions Bad Questions

Children are naturally inquisitive, but as they turn into adults, the frequency of asking questions slowly diminishes. They crystallize their understanding of the world and let things be as they are, not disturbing the status quo.

The lost art of asking good, challenging questions is essential in this world. Some questions are innocuous and simple, but there are other types of queries asked by curious minds which may not be appropriate to many people.

The Importance Of Inquiry

The world is full of mystery and wonder, but closed minds cannot fathom that their worldview and presumptions can be re-examined by inquisitive minds.

If they reflect upon the same, they might begin to realize that such inquiries are simply the product of fresh thinking and need to be seen with tolerance.

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