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Anticipate the change and monitor the situation

Change is always bound to happen, sooner or later. Instead of fooling yourself that things will stay the same forever, always keep an eye open for change.

 If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”


Learn from your journey and endeavor to share your knowledge and experience with others

sharing your learning and experience serves as a reminder. You embed these learnings in your subconscious the more you repeat them. As you reflect on it, you can discover even new connections.

Simplify things

the human brain was wonderful and allowed exploits , but was also responsible for creating many barriers.

So simplifying things.

Mark out your comfort factor

Each one must identify what he wants from this life .

What brings you comfort and safety ?

Don't give in to fear . The moment you start moving things will improve

When you start pursuing your goal, it’s natural to feel more distant from those who don’t share your vision. It’s all right, be aware that this is part of the process.

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