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Near-Death Experiences: Skepticism

The phenomenon of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) is hard to test, or experiment, and is therefore hard to prove.

The similarity of stories or the various feelings(like euphoria) can be explained by science in myriad ways: The brain might be fantasizing or dreaming to escape the reality of death, or the brains feel-good chemicals might have flooded the consciousness.

Science, which often finds the claims as wobbly and anti-science, can explain NDEs as complex hallucinations.


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Near-Death Experiences: Lasting Changes In Body And Mind

Near Death Experiences (NDEs) is life-changing for many, who experience physical changes in the mind and body. They start to understand things they did not bother about earlier, feel a sense of unity and harmony with the world and the entire universe.

Due to a transformation in the...


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Between Life And Death

Between Life And Death

The mysteries of death, the existence of the soul and the reincarnation of souls in different bodies are assumed to be ghost stories by the scientific community.

Near-Death Experience (NDE) is a phenomenon that lies in between life and death and is documented by various do...


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Near-Death Experiences: The Start Of Spirituality

A near-death experience is an introduction to spirituality for the rest of us, just like the Disney movie Soul introduces the idea of the after-life to kids who did not get any spirituality teaching at home or school. Most people are yet to understand that spirituality exists in ...


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Near-Death Experiences: Words Are Inadequate

Near-Death Experiencers feel frustrated as their stories, encounters and experiences are incomprehensible in our limited dimension of reality.

The mind is suddenly separate from the brain, and the world expands for them for a brief time. Many resort to composing music or painting to retell...


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NDEs: Near-Death Experiences

A question that many people have: ‘What happens when we die?’, can be answered by the mystical accounts of Near-Death Experience (NDE) by people who have almost died, documented by a number of doctors and scientists.

There are many case studies of people who have experienced NDE with these...


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