Real Success Is Individual

Real Success Is Individual

We understand success as something relative to others and not something by itself. Status, power, wealth and position is by default a relative rank to the rest of the contenders of society. This constant comparison is designed for unending misery for all rank holders, from the first to the last.

Real success is individual, and true happiness comes from identifying and cultivating your own inner strength and contentment.

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Self Improvement


We naturally seek validation from external sources like friends, family and social media (number of likes), but fail to realize that true happiness comes from within us, and real freedom is when we focus on ourselves, not others.

If we only strive for external validation we are simply giving control of our happiness to others. Antidote: Look yourself in the mirror daily and say ‘I Love You’.

Instead of constantly comparing ourselves with others(a surefire recipe for a miserable life) we need to compare ourselves with the person we were before, like a year or five years ago. We need to grow, evolve, blossom and make ourselves better and wiser in every sphere of life.

Everybody is running their own marathon. Train hard and only compete with yourself.

Most people live and become their job roles. We simply don’t understand that we are more than just our work, and wake up in the morning as employees, not human beings on this beautiful planet.

When we are done with our lives, we will regret that we were only working the whole time and didn’t live our precious life. We would give everything we have to live just one more day with the people we love.

Relationships and connections are a bigger source of happiness than status.

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  • Rather than saying "I can’t" or "I’m not able to" when you’re declining a request, focus on the positive
  • Instead try, “Here’s what I can do for you.” That way, you’ve set a boundary with your client or colleague about what you’re not able or willing to do, but you’ve also indicated that you’re willing to find a workable solution.
Speaking up in meetings

Group meetings may feel intimidating. Speaking up in meetings is an opportunity to impact developing ideas, but it can also show up your ignorance in front of a large group.

But there are real advantages to speaking up.

  • You may influence ongoing events.
  • Your comments may prompt new ideas in your colleagues.
  • Speaking up gives other people a chance to get to know how you think.
  • Fear of getting executed was a great motivator for many people under the rule of the king in ancient times, and this practice of using fear to motivate others is present in the majority of organizations.
  • Motivation can be ‘fueled’ by renewable sources, that has sustainable energy, or nonrenewable sources like fear, which can lead to burnout.
  • We need to plug into renewable and sustainable motivational fuels to achieve our goals.

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