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Millennials and Life Milestones

Millennials and Life Milestones

Millennials still feel pressure to live up to their parents’ and grandparents’ norms, even if those expectations really aren’t relevant anymore. They were born into a very different world than the one their parents knew, and navigate it in a very different way:

  • They’re getting married on an average of seven years later than their parents.
  • the age women first give birth has consistently risen over the past 40 years.
  • They are, on average, better educated than previous generations.
  • They’re entering the workforce later, so they start saving for homes later

The Mystery Of Social Norms

The Mystery Of Social Norms

From the moment we are born, we are ready to learn. We pick up the language around us and learn the rules of our society, what behaviour is allowed, what’s considered good or bad. We’re absolutely built that way: to learn norms and to comply with them.

Understanding where these expectations come from, and how they differ from the reality we live in now, is important for making personal milestones that are meaningful, instead of clinging to outdated expectations.

The Pressure Of Life Milestones

The Pressure Of Life Milestones

As it turns out, these all-important deadlines are often arbitrary, and the pressure to achieve them sometimes comes from amorphous, unidentifiable places. They also aren’t as set in stone as they may seem.

From generation to generation, changes in technology and the economy, advances in science and even the political climate can turn what once seemed like a social necessity into an antiquated expectation.

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