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Show compassion

"Before you judge me, step in my shoes and walk a mile." We all live in a very much busy, distracted, and fearful world where we tend to forget to show compassion towards other people.

If ever you choose to engage with someone or in a stressful environment, make sure to set your intention to be supportive.

Be comfortable with pausing

Many people who are perceived as good people are capable of behaving poorly under stress, but just because someone is behaving irrationally doesn't mean that we should join them in doing so.

In times like this, we must learn to pause and take deep breaths. This gives us the time and space we need in order to recollect ourselves and our thoughts.

Don't take other people's behavior personally

How people treat you is none of your business, it is not your problem, the only thing you need to keep in mind is how you will react to it.

Your power is held in your reactions. Everyone behaves based on how they feel inside and a lot of people have never learned to effectively cope with their emotions. So try not to take things personally and don't let what others say or do to you, reduce you.

The power in breathing

The power in breathing

Breathing calms down our fight-or-flight responses and opens up the opportunity for us to relax ourselves and our nerves in order to choose the most considerate and constructive response, appropriate for the situation.

There are times where we feel like we are about to explode from all the anger and frustration that we feel. Oftentimes, it's better to let it all out. However, during times where this is not applicable, we can use the power of breathing in order to release the tension we feel.

Respect people's differences

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so learn to choose your battles wisely. Sometimes the disagreement you have with another person isn't worth it for you to get frustrated. Learn to live with being able to agree to disagree.

We can still have a good relationship with people we disagree with as long as both parties remain calm and speak respectfully towards each other.

Start your day off right with a morning ritual

Often, the moment we wake up, we immediately reach for our phones and check for new emails, and this only stresses us out. Therefore, after waking up try taking deep breaths and meditating before starting your day.

Starting your day in a mindful manner lays out the foundation of being calm and centered for the rest of the day.

Appreciate silence

Don't fall into an unnecessary argument just because you feel uncomfortable in silence. The things you say when you're angry are often the things you will regret saying 10 minutes later.

A moment of silence in a moment of anger can save us from thousands of moments of regret.

Develop healthy coping mechanisms

Some of us have self-soothing habits that are unhealthy for our bodies such as drinking alcohol, smoking, or eating junk food. Healthy habits make happy people therefore we must notice how we usually cope with stress and frustration and replace our unhealthy coping mechanisms with healthier ones slowly but surely.

You can try going out for a 10-minute walk, listen to music, drink tea, or even write your thoughts and feelings down.

Be generous and act gracefully

We need to allow ourselves to let things go. A person who loses their temper and gets upset is not an uncommon sighting and there is not one person who doesn't get angry.

However, by choosing to let things go and take the high road, we are accepting the similar trait of getting upset with them.

Remind yourself of what's right, and create more of it

When we keep the positive things by our side, it helps us move easily beyond the negativity that surrounds us. To do this, we must reflect on our small wins, be grateful for certain events in our lives, and pay the kindness forward when we have the chance.

Kindness makes a difference and this empowers us to think, speak, and do kindly towards other people.

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