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Diverse And Inclusive Workplaces

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Diverse And Inclusive Workplaces

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Show your commitment to the team and organization

Show your commitment to the team and organization

There are two ways you can improve other people's perception of you:

  1. Emphasize opportunities whenever you recommend changing something. Put the spotlight on the gains of your proposal instead of the losses; or
  2. Whenever you're providing an idea, make sure to building or improving upon it instead of correcting their mistakes.


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Fearing performance reviews

Fearing performance reviews

Performance reviews are inherently subjective and our fear of getting booted out of the company often makes us think and act out of fear.

During performance reviews, other people's perception of you is a heavily impacting factor but being able to understand the elements th...


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Attend social functions with a smile on your face

Attend social functions with a smile on your face

Sometimes we don't have it in us to go to that work event we're told to go to but think about it this way, the more frequently people see you during these social functions with a smile on your face the more you show how committed you are to the team for the long run.


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Emphasize your accomplishments, not your relationships

When a performance review is coming up it's best to focus on making sure that your achievements are in the spotlight.

Many people tend to think that overly friendly colleagues don't accomplish as much but in reality, the overly friendly ones are getting burn out because they take o...


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Highlight your value to the organization

Make your boss and your teammates see the things you bring to the table. Find ways to connect your tasks into the company's outcomes and help your boss from time to time, through this you will be seen as someone who constantly adds value.


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Highlight your achievements

Highlight your achievements

Help your boss and your colleagues notice and recall the accomplishments you've done and completed. We often overestimate the extent of people's memories therefore we shouldn't take any chances.

Here's a formula that can help highlight your accomplishments: "To advance goa...


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Connect with your boss genuinely

Studies show that people who have similarities with their bosses are more likely to be seen in a positive light. In addition to this, those who create "in-groups" disrupts team dynamics and make "outside" people unwelcome.

Another thing that can help you connect with your ...


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Whenever you get stuck to an idea, you put yourself at risk to promote obsolete or just one-sided theories. You might, however, want to try keeping an open mind to the possibility of change. 

Change is unpredictable and being flexible enough to adjust in proper time is a sure key to grow...

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