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Important meetings

Don't hold meetings that leave out important participants!

If not everyone who is essential to the meeting will be unable to attend then turn the meeting into a detailed written communication that allows everyone to participate instead.


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No big meetings

No big meetings

Don't hold large meetings, except if they are providing value to everyone. Then keep the meeting short.

A typical meeting should involve no more than 4 - 6 people. Before you send out your next invite list ask: Who on this list will add (or receive) the most value? Is there anyone who do...

Unnecessary meetings

Meetings should be held to create value. So if you feel a meeting doesn't create value, don't hold it. Letting your employees use that time to work will bring you more value.
Choose your meetings wisely and mare sure you stick to the agenda during your time together.

Call recording advantages

Call recording advantages

Most video conferencing platforms have this function -- to record calls or meetings. This helps ensure that you won't miss out on any details that were discussed during the meeting and also provides a reliable source of truth for what was decided which can be accessed later by the people who want...

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