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Your Screen Froze Again — In the Middle of an Important Meeting

Your Screen Froze Again — In the Middle of an Important Meeting

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Trouble during online presentations: stop and take a deep breath

If your computer goes black, an embarrassing text pops onscreen, or your roommate charges into the room, your first urge may be to panic. You may start to sweat, and your heart will beat faster.

The next time this happens to you, remind yourself that the situation is not life-threatening. To re-focus yourself, take a deep breath and remember that most problems can be solved.

Handling a technical breakdown gracefully

Handling a technical breakdown gracefully

The world we live in is controlled by technology, such as live streaming, virtual backgrounds, teleconferencing apps. While this is remarkable, it also comes with the potential for unexpected problems.

In the virtual world, we will face sudden mishaps at the most inopportune moments. When this happens to you, you'll need to know how to handle it gracefully, especially if it happens at work.

Let your guard down and add some laughter

When a personal connection has been made with your audience, a little lighthearted joke is a perfect way to make the situation less awkward.

The goal is to break the tension. For example, if your roommate strides into the background playing his invisible guitar, say, "He'll be taking questions and signing autographs. Next slide, please."

Know when to end it

There may be times when you can't solve a technical problem, and you simply need to end your meeting.

In this case, apologise for the situation that is out of your control and explain that you will email everyone to reschedule once the issue is resolved. If it can't be rescheduled, consider some form of compensation.

Own it

When you gain some focus, address the technical breakdown openly with your audience. Look at the camera and speak in a casual tone as if talking to a friend. "I just want to let all of you know that my screen just went black..."

If you own that you are experiencing a technical issue, that it is out of your control, and that technical problems are acceptable, you will come across as more human and someone people can relate to.

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