Hack Your Procrastination Cycle

  1. Prioritize rest and manage your energy levels by taking naps when required.
  2. Remove clutter and create clear work zones, helping you stabilize your focus.
  3. Combine boring tasks with something you enjoy doing, like listening to your favourite Spotify playlist while doing laundry.
  4. Do the hard stuff early on so that it does not get pushed up to the next day.
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Time Management


Procrastination: Why It Happens

Procrastination is when we avoid the tasks in our list, feeling the pressure to complete them and going through various emotions like blame, anger, frustration and anxiety. The reason we procrastinate is because we value the now and instinctively prefer to procure and enjoy our rewards sooner rather than later.

It is easier and rewarding to relax, grab a beer and watch an episode of our favourite show rather than tackling a work assignment, which would not give any rewards in the now.

Procrastination boils down to how motivated we are to complete a task. The motivation to complete a certain task consists of four elements: Expectancy, Value, Impulsiveness and Delay.

  1. Expectancy: If we expect to succeed in the task, it would motivate us.
  2. Value: We sometimes constantly avoid work-related tasks as it sucks our energy and does not provide any value to us or the organization.
  3. Impulsiveness: When we act on temporary emotions, we often make impulsive decisions we regret later. We need to develop awareness to focus on the key tasks that help us in the future.
  4. Delay: A long gap between completing a task and getting rewarded for it makes us highly demotivated to complete the same. Mindfulness can help us stay grounded and patient, relishing the experience of waiting.

“Don’t let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.”

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Question the Story About How I See Myself

For years I allowed my body to be a liability. I was always a bigger girl and became a bigger woman.

  • There was so much shame in it that I spent almost 30 years on a “diet”, a yo-yo between letting it all go and strict deprivation.

As I started to study myself I started to question the story I had around this.

  • I believed I had to be thin to be successful, to be liked, to be accepted.

Could changing this belief change my results in life?

It certainly did, more than I ever imagined.

How I See Me - Proctor Gallagher Institute


When Our Hearts Are Our Guides, Our Souls Are Fed
  • As I reflect on how we connected – we laughed, we cried, and in those 3 short hours, we grew to know and understand each other as friends.
  • With my heart as my guide, I let go of my prejudices, my judgments, and I let the best of me connect with who he was, not who he appeared to be, when I sat down next to him with my preconceived ideas.
  • That was when the magic began. The magic of seeing someone as they wanted to be seen, without a label, an expiration date, and without judgment.

A Guiding Heart - Proctor Gallagher Institute


Life is Simple when...
  1. Life is simple when you understand the processes of nature.
  2. Everything in this universe is an expression of spirit, and spirit operates by exact laws.
  3. We are subject to those laws in the same manner as nature is.

Working With The Law - Proctor Gallagher Institute


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