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3. Meditate

While meditation seems too difficult to achieve, I would say to refresh the concept. Do not picture a 'monk', or 'mountains' or 'eternal peace' when this word strikes your mind. We're too busy to not think about something or the other. Just take five minutes from your day to sit with your eyes closed (without your phone/laptop/earphones, obviously!), and let all the thoughts rush. You may think about that stupid thing you did in the sixth grade or about the time you wasted on instagram yesterday. But at least, you know it, and have addressed it enough to not let that haunt in the near future.


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List of things incoming!

The following list will either introduce you or remind you of the many other ways, you can address your mental health. Be sure to follow through.


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4. Take a break

From social media. Either uninstall that app or set restrictions. I can't stress enough on how it will help. Which is why it is very ironic that people advise us to keep away from social media on social media platforms!


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Can‘t open up, next suggestion, please.

While there will be thousands of 'Thank you, talking helped', we'd have a hundred exceptions. As easy as it seems, people have countless - some sensible, some absurd - reasons because of which they aren't able to talk and lighten their emotional baggage.


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1. Read

If you are a reader, read mental health related books or reread your favorites to uplift you. If not, or you are in a reading slump, short articles and poetry is the way to go. While positivity won't help you go through situations, reading positive and hope filled books/articles prepare you to ad...


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2. Write

"I can't write, I 'just passed' my English exam". Well, it's not a blog that I am telling you to write. Also, no huge articles or correct grammar is needed; or even English is necessary. Write to express your feelings to yourself, keeping the writing style heavily subjective and flexible. Trust m...


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7. Watch

Also watch the right content. Your YouTube and Facebook history reflects so much about your overall mindset. It can be the cause or the effect of everything that happens to you, or how you react to any circumstance. Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S or anything that changes you or your mindset. Choosing what w...


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5. Stalk

You can't get off instagram or reddit, because there are also helpful resources in them. Noted. So, instead of stalking that seventh grade crush you don't talk to or celebrities and influencers posting irrelevant extravaganza, stalk the right accounts. Following or unfollowing is totally up to yo...


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6. Listen

The right song, podcast, or even an audiobook will do wonders to your thought process. Choose what you want to listen to, very carefully. It can be your childhood favourites or current favourite song; but please listen to it. It will prove to be a great mood changing exercise. And with your mood,...


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Talking to someone, the only option?

Whenever we are troubled by something emotionally and mentally, we are ways told to talk to someone. Talking about it to someone trustworthy seems to be the ideal solution to go through it without breaking down. It just feels so rational that we never seem to think beyond.


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8. Talk

Oh really? Wasn't this list supposed to be alternatives to talking to someone? Well yeah, who else knows what is being written more than the writer herself? To clarify, I have already ruled out real and supposedly judgemental people from this write-up. From a very personal experience, I can say t...


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9. Do your thing

Paint, draw, play video games, work out, sleep, do your skin care regime, do calligraphy, photograph moments, learn a new language, start a course to enhance your career, and the list goes on. Do anything and everything that your heart tells you to. Establish your own coping mechanism. Just addre...


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