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One minute GOALS

1. Develop CLEAR goals together with your team members.

  • What need to be done?
  • By what due date?
  • Show what a good performance is

2. Write them down in a single page.

3. Review them daily

  • Does my behaviour match the goals?


  • Goals and deadline should be written concisely (
  1. Set goals only for those 20% activities that produce 80% of the results

One minute RE-DIRECTS

1. The first half minute

  • Re-direct people asap
  • Be specific -> confirm the facts & review the mistakes
  • Express how you feel and the impact on the results

2. Pause

  • Let it sink for a few second To allow feeling concerned

3. Second half minute

  • Let them know that they are better than their mistakes
  • Remind them that you have confidence and trust in them
  • When the redirect is over, it's over

One minute PRAISINGS

"Help people reach their full potential. Catch them doing something right"

1. First half minute

  • Praise people asap
  • Be specific
  • Tell them how good you feel

2. Pause

  • Let us sink for a few seconds to allow feeling good

3. Second half minute

  • Encourage them to do more of the same
  • Make clear you have confidence in them and you support their success


  • The goal of praising is to build confidence in people

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