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With a renewed mind that is led by God’s Spirit, we can discern God’s best for our lives.


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How To Recover From Burnout

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Seeking support from others

Identifying the symptoms of burnout

Learning to say no

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Writers, Take Note

  1. Most good writing has its origins in good reading.
  2. Good ideas can come anytime, usually when you are not working.
  3. Scheduled mind-drilling of ideas produces mediocre results.
  4. You can write something even if someone has already written about it. Winston Churchill ha...

Author Note

Author Note

In this author says there is 4 obstacles that we face from our birth that may be from society, parents etc author says we want to solve that 4 obstacles to lead a happy and successful life. That four are

  1. we are told from childhood onwards that everything we want to do is imposs...

By knowing that death is imminent for all, we can learn to view death as a reminder of life. While death is scary and unknown, it is not yet here for us, and this means we still have today. By keeping this in mind, we have supreme power and control over our lives, our actions, and the direction w...

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