Tarot Reading in Time of Pandemic

Tarot Reading in Time of Pandemic
  1. The world of wellness offers a seemingly endless conveyor belt of practices to heal, ground and guide us under the guise of self-care.
  2. In the anxiety-inducing grip of a global health pandemic alongside social and political unrest, our boundless appetite for emotional support shows no signs of waning.
  3. As meetings, workouts and cocktails flocked to Zoom, tarot readings are the latest trend to be digitised.
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Spiritual guidance
  1. “It makes sense that in uncertain times, we turn to spirituality for some form of guidance,” says Holly Friend, senior foresight writer at forecasting consultancy The Future Laboratory , which has been tracking the evolution of alternative spirituality .
  2. “With many people finding themselves out of a job, anxious for the health of loved ones and generally disillusioned about the future, spiritual practices such as tarot readings take on a new significance.”

The science of tarot
  1. The accuracy of the tarot reading is almost irrelevant as long as the practice guides the user to feel supported and attuned with their healthiest, most authentic sense of self.
  2. The reassurance of putting our faith in an external power is often a helpful support as humans like to feel connected to something larger than themselves.
  3. We like to have a sense of predictability and order and therefore we try to make patterns and meaning out of events during chaotic times.

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Successful people stick to their reading habit

A random sampling of the world’s most successful people will show one common trait: a love of reading. Because reading is the easiest way to continue the learning process. 

Reading with intention can change your life



According to some, Starseeds are advanced spiritual beings sent from other planets and realms. They possess spiritual and scientific knowledge that date back hundreds of thousands of years.

Most agree though, they are traveling souls born on Earth to inspire and heal humans, and to participate in our planet’s evolution.

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We become what we read

Literary works entertain us, teach us and influence us. When we read literary works, we enrich our understanding of others, the world, and ourselves. In a sense, we become what we read.

However, the ability to recognize how the author accomplishes these things will allow you to further deepen your appreciation and gain more benefits from literary works.

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