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Did you know curiosity comes in different forms? P.S.: One of them can help you deal with anxiety 

Did you know curiosity comes in different forms? P.S.: One of them can help you deal with anxiety 

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Curiosity is a natural phenomenon that helps people move into new experiences, tapping their inherent powers of wonder and inquisitiveness. Curiosity is an ideal positive state of openness and engagement, no matter what our culture or background is.

Curiosity can help us heal our anxiety if utilized in a particular manner.

Interest Curiosity

Interest Curiosity is when we are having a pleasurable interest in knowledge. It is focused on the journey or the path.

Example: Diving into the internet for enjoyment and learning a lot of new stuff, feeling satisfied and content.

Unwinding Our Anxiety: The Curiosity Exercise

  1. Sit, lie or stand in a quiet, comfortable place.
  2. Recall your recent anxiety experience where you went through a habitual loop.
  3. Check your body sensations.
  4. See what exactly you feel and name the sensation, like tense, or restless.
  5. Find out from where in the body this feeling is originating.
  6. Get curious and inquisitive about this sensation, observing with ease.
  7. Chant a mantra or just be mindful and aware.

Deprivation Curiosity

Deprivation Curiosity is when we have a gap in a certain type of information that makes us restless, and in an urgent need for the same. It is focused on the destination.

Example: We see an actor and cannot remember his name, and feel restless and anxious as the name is on the tip of our tongue. Later when we google and find the answer, we feel relieved, as we are no longer deprived of that information.

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