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Young Scientists: Choose What Is Important

It is always better to go for important problems instead of dull, useless problems no one cares about.

Conventional advice tells us to follow our passion, but it is better to go for gold, tackling the crucial issues. Once we are in the process, it will become something we are passionate about.


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Patience is the key to achieve your goals.

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Here's the cliche advice: Follow your passion.

But there are several problems with this advice. 

1. Sometimes passion is not the main priority. It's money.

Some students are breadwinners. They go to school to help their poverty-stricken families...

Anger Can Lead to Passion

Anger is a form of passion. It boils us up to want to act upon something that we have seen, heard, or has happened to us. 

When we are passionate about something, we produce better work because it close to our heart.

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What We Value

What we are passionate about is often superficial, but what we value, we can do no matter how difficult the circumstances, because we derive meaning and value from it. It is different from a compulsion or an addiction.

We need to ask three questions to direct our energy:

  1. What ...

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