Make A Plan

When things aren't going our way, it's difficult to have a clear vision of what we should do and how we are going to do it.

We need to calm down and pace ourselves in order to be capable of making plans. Having a concrete plan of action goes a long way in making ourselves feel like we don't need to rely on denial in order to cope with the reality of being.

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Self Improvement


A silver lining is a lesson that you are extracting from the experience of a mistake, that might probably save you from similar scenarios in the future.

It doesn't mean that you have to convince yourself that misfortune is a good thing, only that you're acknowledging that it is good in the ba and you're willing to accept the reality of it.

Learn how to redirect yourself and your focus into a goal that is beneficial for yourself and for everyone else.

Your ability to see is precious, clearly, and the fact is that you should be reluctant to sacrifice it in exchange for emotional comfort.

Learn to never settle.

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  • You're tired all the time. 
  • Cooperating with colleagues takes an enormous effort. 
  • You keep your office door shut and interact with your computer. 
  • It's hard to concentrate and impossible to summon up a positive attitude. 
  • Your productivity is down the drain.
  • Deadlines don't motivate you.
  • You're calling in sick or you're burying yourself in tasks to avoid your emotions. 
1. Figure out what makes you respect yourself

First, look within and question what practices make you feel your absolute best. Then, pay yourself the respect of prioritizing them daily. For example, exercising regularly, starting every day with a green juice, and being under the covers by 10 p.m. are all ways I show myself respect.

Self Awareness is our ability to observe and accurately identify our thoughts, feelings and impulses, and determine whether they are grounded in reality or not. 


  1. Aids self-control, creativity, pride, and self-esteem.
  2. Predicts self-development, acceptance, and proactivity.
  3. Facilitates decision-making.
  4. Leads to more accurate self-reports.
  5. Required to develop self-control.

But being “self-aware” is not an all-or-nothing trait. There are varying levels which we can achieve.

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