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The Effect Of Serendipity

Sudden, small and pleasant surprises, like listening to our favourite song on the radio, or getting a free sample at the supermarket are moments of serendipity that make us appreciate them more, simply because they are unplanned.

Painstaking curation does not offer the same thrill as a lucky surprise, and this phenomenon of serendipity is too big to be ignored by content companies, who are trying to incorporate random surprises in their offerings like Netflix is doing with ‘Play Something’.


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When we hear an old and forgotten song on the radio (or at the coffee shop), we experience a warm and pleasant surprise. We didn’t expect to hear that favourite song of ours and here it is, already playing and making our day better.

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Serendipity: The Ethics

Businesses, consumer companies and marketing executives should try to incorporate serendipity into their marketing strategy, provided it fits their product. People might like free candy surprises, but they may not be ready for free insurance.

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