Reframing Holidays For Workaholics

  • To deal with the lingering sense of guilt you feel when you’re not working, put a little bit of work in here and there,in return for the extended downtime.
  • Reframethe enforced break that the holidays represent to you, as an ideal opportunity to recharge for the coming year’s exertions and gain a clearer head. The time and distance away can prevent burnout and give you a fresh perspective, which could lead to better solutions and brighter ideas.
  • Seize the opportunity toimprove relations with your loved ones.Studies show that the health of close relationships have an enormous bearing on our emotional and physical well-being.
  • Work out to get in shape and counter illnesses, depression and anxiety. A half hour of intense cardiovascular exercise reduces body tension and can clear the mind magnificently.

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How Workaholics Can Relax Right During the Holidays

How Workaholics Can Relax Right During the Holidays