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The Feeling of Awe

The Feeling of Awe

  • Awe is a feeling of reverential respect, fear and wonder when we look at something vast, like the Grand Canyon, or a clear sky sprinkled with stars.
  • When something makes us feel a tiny part of a massive universe around us, we bow down and are transformed.
  • The feeling of being a tiny speck serves as a way to humble us, making us kinder and more generous.


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"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. " ~ Derek Bok

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Feelings of awe

Feelings of awe

Awe is the emotion we experience in the presence of something great or vast, and rich in information. When we experience awe, we're stunned by something and feel captivated by it. It is typically a positive experience.

Research shows that experiences of awe in nature can r...

The Feeling Of Awe And Its Benefits

The feeling of awe, which is a mix of respect and wonder, inspires ethical behaviour and has other benefits like:

  1. Boosting our immune system.
  2. Increasing creativity.
  3. Making us take out more time to get things done.
  4. Making us care and share more with others.

The Psychology Of Awe And Wonder

The Psychology Of Awe And Wonder

For centuries, religious scholars and philosophers have tried to find out the meaning of ‘awe’. It is generally defined as a feeling of being aware and present in something that is mystical and vast, and which we don’t fully understand.

Usually, something ...

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