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How to Cultivate Intimacy? (2)

How to Cultivate Intimacy? (2)

  • Listen: Develop the habit of attentive listening. Be genuinely interested in what the other person has to say.
  • Talk Freely: Don't suffer from "I-have-to-be-strong" syndrome. Talk about what you're feeling, be human. 

Intimacy: The What & the Why

Intimacy: The What & the Why

  • Intimacy is the feeling of closeness with someone. It usually denotes mutual vulnerability, openness, and sharing.
  • Intimacy is crucial. We are social creatures, we thrive on close personal relationships with others.
  • Mental/Emotional intimacy plays an important role in developing real & deep friendships.
  • Boosted morale, reduced stress, improved physical & emotional well-being are some benefits of emotional/mental intimacy.

How to Cultivate Intimacy? (1)

How to Cultivate Intimacy? (1)

  • Touch: Use your body to demonstrate warmth. Use gestures like shaking hands & patting their back while respecting their personal space. 
  • Compliment: Develop the habit to remember details & express genuine praise when it is not expected. 
  • Converse: Make time for rich and meaningful conversations. Don't stop talking once you've known each other.

How to improve your communication skills?

How to improve your communication skills?

  • Listen with your eyes: Use the visual cues effectively & consciously.
  • Disperse advice sparingly: More often than not, people don't actually need advice; they just want a sympathetic listener.
  • Never break confidence: Despite your need to show off, never break confidence in what someone told you in private.
  • Complete the loop: Staying silent is negative feedback. Always acknowledge the speaker.
  • Feel honored: Understand it is a great gift when people trust you. Bear the responsibility wisely.

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