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Instead of Seeking Approval

Instead of Seeking Approval

  • Learn how to fully appreciate the friends who treasure you
  • Try to get to know other people better, not just in a superficial and shallow way, but actually get yourself to relate to them at a deeper level.


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You can't have love without self-love.

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Instead of vs. Try to

Instead of vs. Try to

Instead of : Caring too much what other people think of you

Try to : Realize that you can't control them. How they think, move and react to certain things. It is just waste of your energy.

It is better to: Look upon yourself, when you...

7. Stand in their shoes

7. Stand in their shoes

This is a different way to say "try to empathize with the customer." As a CSM, you should be able to understand where the customer is coming from, or at least try to, especially when they are upset. 

Through empathizing, you can actually get to the root issue instead of the shallow level of...

Instead of Pondering It, Do It

We learn through experimentation, not by pondering.

We can’t really think our way into the right answer. We just have to try different things and then see how well we learn from those.

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