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Long-Term Thinking
  • Playing the long game puts our focus on the quality of the work, instead of being a sell-out for instant, short-term gains.
  • It requires a kind of dedication and an eye towards the future while adjusting your expectations and appreciating the present moment as well.

Instead of chasing short-term goals, we need to have patience and enjoy the journey.

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How to Prioritize Long-Term Thinking - Darius Foroux


The Act of Approval Seeking

The act of seeking approval is profound among adolescents who often feel pressured to get other people's approval to be seen as "popular", the idea is prominent in many teen films, but this behavior is a propensity that does not entirely disappear as we age.

Often adults brood over the acceptance or respect of another adult, seemingly less rational than a teenager's. But, the adult world is considerably more complex due to social circles and status dependence.

Why Do We Seek the Approval of Those Who Don't Value Us?


Setting boundaries with parents

Setting boundaries with your parents prevent you from building resentment towards them. It fosters good and enjoyable interactions and helps you build an identity that is separate from your parents.

Without proper boundaries, parents may continue to impose their believes and customs onto their adult children.

How To Set Healthy Boundaries With Parents (And What That Looks Like)


People That Cause Grief

We all know a few people that cause grief, not merely because they have a bad day but because they have severe problems and are unwilling to change.

We can learn enough to recognize if someone is a "high-conflict person" and avoid them as much as possible.

Padlocks On The Bridge
  • A symbolic gesture of love, clipping a padlock on the bridge is considered a beautiful ritual in Paris, the city of love. Relationships die out in a few months, but the locks stay on forever.
  • These padlocks, counting to millions, are on the verge of collapsing the historic bridges, leading to authorities removing them to save the structures and imposing strict penalties.
  • Apart from Paris, these padlocks are found across the world, wherever beautiful bridges are situated. New South Wales, Las Vegas, Vancouver, all have these love locks, some with no key, to seal the love forever once it is clipped on.

The lock of love: padlocks on bridges


It's the person that feels that most of the time there is no other option but to adjust to the expectations of others, and yet harbors a lot of hidden resentment.

This is a dangerous path: they end up confusing everyone around them by failing to express their true needs and feelings and they also build up a lot of frustration.

How to Stop Being a People Pleaser


Practice self-care as individuals
Your disappointments in your partner often reflect your disappointments in yourself. Your acceptance of your partner often reflects your acceptance of yourself. 
Thus, the first step to having a healthy relationship with someone else is to have a healthy relationship with yourself.

20 Habits Happy Couples Have (But Never Talk About)


  • The term was coined by psychologist Dorothy Tennov in 1979
  • It is defined as a biochemical process that happens in the brain which is similar to what addicts feel when they are pulled towards drugs
  • Limerence makes people do bizarre things in order to pursue their crush
  • The feeling of limerence can last from a few weeks to several decades. The length is dependent on reciprocated feelings.

When you can’t quit a crush


A cultural endorsement of love

Love is often seen as the exciting feeling we get in the presence of someone with great intelligence of beauty that we hope will reciprocate our interest and whom we badly want to touch and one day share our lives with.

But there is another definition of love that is not so much focused on the appreciation of strength as on the tolerance of, and kindness towards, the weak and misshapen.

What Love Really Is – and Why It Matters


Humor In A relationship

A sense of humor is desirable in a relationship, as people, especially men seem more desirable if they are funny.

The humor effect is not universally the same, with short-term relationships getting a boost, but falling short in the long-term game.

How humour can change your relationship



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