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What you should do?

What you should do?

Put up with the discipline long enough to turn it into a habit, and the journey feels different.

It's in your own hands

It's in your own hands

If you are what you repeatedly do, then achievement isn’t an action you take but a habit you forge into your life.

You don’t have to seek out success. Harness the power of selected discipline to build the right habit, and extraordinary results will find you.

Do not overwork.

Do not overwork.

it’s not about how much overtime you put in; the key ingredient is focused time over time.

To achieve an extraordinary result you must choose what matters most and give it all the time it demands.

A study to consider

A study to consider

An 11-year study of nearly 7,100 British civil servants concluded that habitual long hours can be deadly.

Researchers showed that individuals who worked more than 11 hours a day (a 55-plus hour workweek) were 67 percent more likely to suffer from heart disease.

Counterbalancing is not only about your sense of well-being, it’s essential to your being well.

Take a step back

Take a step back

It’s not that we have too little time to do all the things we need to do, it’s that we feel the need to do too many things in the time we have.

So we double and triple up in the hope of getting everything done.

Words from the Master

Words from the Master

“Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.”—Peter Drucker

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