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The Default Mode in Human Brain

  • The human brain is the most complicated system in this universe
  • Even scientists admit that - one doesn't completely understand the function of our brain, you just simply use it.
  • The human brain has a default mode network that functions when we are idle
  • Yes, our brain has a default mode of resting more which will be inactive when we are performing certain tasks, i.e, for instance - when you are working, checking your phone or email, doing any task certain parts of our brains will be at rest.
  • Now when we are doing nothing, the resting-state mode will be active in mind- wandering and daydreaming.

Idleness is important

  • An idle mind is the devil's playground they say.
  • What comes into our consciousness when we are idle can often report from the depth of our unconscious
  • Through idleness, great ideas buried in your unconscious have the chance to enter your awareness.
  • Resting our brain is vital to brain health & decreases the chances of brain-related diseases.

Active Default Mode

The default mode network allows us to process information that is related to social relationships, or place in the wider world, fantasies we have about the future, and of course emotions

It's simple to activate Default Mode-

Find a pillow, lie back and let go of task-oriented activity. Look at great art, listen to your favorite music, just simply lie down on the grass and see the sky or just sit & meditate.

It's doesn't matter what thoughts run in your mind, whatever it is - your brain is projecting data based on what you have seen, heard, & learned.

"The only journey is the one within"

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