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The Dangers Of Conversion Therapy: Statistics, Study, And Controversy | Betterhelp

The Dangers Of Conversion Therapy: Statistics, Study, And Controversy | Betterhelp

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What is conversion therapy?

What is conversion therapy?

Conversion therapy is a pseudoscientific practice that aims to change homosexual individuals into "normal" heterosexual members of society.

It assumes that homosexuality is:

  • A disease/mental illness
  • A voluntary behaviour
  • Morally wrong

Why is conversion therapy bad?

  1. Homosexuality is a natural extension of human sexuality, and thus does not need to be "cured" or changed.
  2. There is no evidence that conversion therapy is effective & actually changes a person's sexuality.
  3. Conversion therapy causes extreme psychological harm of the people who have to endure it.
  4. Conversion therapy may cause social harm by disseminating unscientific views about sexual orientation.

Why does it still exist?

Why does it still exist?

Eventhough, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has taken a strong stance against conversion therapy, it still continues to be practiced today because of homophobia stemming from:

  • religious justifications
  • ignorance.

The importance of knowing the truth

The importance of knowing the truth

Knowing the dangers of conversion therapy is important.

If you are heterosexual & someone in your life is gay, then you should do your best to accept them for who they are because their sexuality does nothing to diminish their value as a person.

Do your part in educating people about the dangers of conversion therapy.

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