For many years, psychologists believed that dark emotions needed to be released physically, like hitting a soft object, like pillows or punching bags.

  • However, this type of emotional venting makes people relive their anger in their bodies, strengthening the neural pathways for anger and making it easier to get angry the next time.
  • The same is true of grief or anxiety. If we only relive our experience without finding meaning and a way to soother ourselves, it could extend our suffering.
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Science fiction provides a window into the social and cultural dilemmas that characters have to tackle, like what is the culture of the alien species, or if robots have feelings.

Movies like I am Legend, or 2012 explore the controversial topics of today like industrialization, biological warfare, the environmental crisis and cyber-terrorism, pushing them into a future fantasy world that can examine the problem closely.

Both laughter and fear are states of high arousal, common during intense emotions. A scream and a laugh are closely related and use the same emotional energy.

If a laughing person isn’t supposed to be laughing, or if the laugh is coming from a non-person, like a robot or a doll, there is a creepiness to it. Example: Alexa, the home virtual assistant from Amazon, started laughing out of the blue in many homes, terrifying families.

A study done by researchers from Carnegie Mellong University found that videoconferencing hampers group collaboration, problem solving, and it can also reduce collective intelligence.

Moreorver, videoconferincing leads to a higher inequality when it comes to contributing to the conversation due to the disruption in vocal synchrony.

How to use the SEE-I method to explain, for example, what learning is.

  • State it: "Learning is the gaining of knowledge, understanding, or ability."
  • Elaborate: "In other words, learning is the process where a person gains specific knowledge, then internalises that knowledge by using it."
  • Exemplify: "For example, a child learns to ride a bike by being guided, practising, and falling before they master it."
  • Illustrate: "Learning is like a sponge absorbing water, yet it does not get saturated."

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