Why We Love Sci-Fi: It Boldly Goes Where Other Stories Can't - Deepstash
Why We Love Sci-Fi: It Boldly Goes Where Other Stories Can't

Why We Love Sci-Fi: It Boldly Goes Where Other Stories Can't


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Why We Love Sci-Fi: It Boldly Goes Where Other Stories Can't

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The Lure Of Science Fiction

Science Fiction, or Sci-Fi, which takes us into fantasy worlds with aliens, robots, spaceships, time machines, powerful superhumans and monsters, is an extremely appealing genre, due to its boundary-less escapist content.

It challenges existing assumptions and limitations, exploring questions that were never asked before, something which closer-to-reality fiction and non-fiction cannot do with ease.


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Many broad themes explore science-fiction thought experiments. These include the creation story (Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein), the fantastic voyage (Journey To The Center Of The Earth, or Star Trek), and the domestic science fiction story that we can relate to in our daily lives (E.T. The Extra Terrestrial)

Other genres include cyberpunk, popularized by the Matrix franchise, having stories related to the personal computers and internet revolution.


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Science fiction provides a window into the social and cultural dilemmas that characters have to tackle, like what is the culture of the alien species, or if robots have feelings.

Movies like I am Legend, or 2012 explore the controversial topics of today like industrialization, biological warfare, the environmental crisis and cyber-terrorism, pushing them into a future fantasy world that can examine the problem closely.


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Hostile aliens rocked the world when the book The War Of The Worlds was adapted as a radio play.

Aliens, hostile or friendly, have always been the surest, most profitable route to success, as verified by pulp stories that were bought in American magazines in the last seven decades.


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Science fiction often predicts the future, with most popular stories almost always having elements of fixing a society on the verge of decline, or which is already in a state of dystopia.

It is ultimately a positive genre, a portal in which we can see where our world may be headed, drawing from contemporary life, breakthroughs in medical and space science, technology and even history.


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