Time Management


You may integrate work into every area of your life while not giving other parts of your life the same priority. Or you may only be thinking of your work even when you are with your family.

This is because our work responsibilities may give us an adrenaline rush of handling crises and may seem more important than other priorities.

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Time Management

Deep Work's Core Message

In Cal Newport's book, Deep Work, the concept of having full concentration and focus on a single task is heavily emphasized, and that the ability to do so has become inexplicably rare that those who cultivate this skill are those who thrive in life.

In order to achieve the goals we desire or to do more than we want to is to rid ourselves of distractions like social media among other things.

Deep Work vs. Messy: How to Balance Productivity and Creativity


  • We have long forgotten the big stretches of time when we have nothing to do, as we are never disengaged from entertainment, work, or any kind of frenetic activity.
  • Having nothing to do is an unfamiliar state to many and is associated with being bored. One does not have to be afraid of having absolutely nothing to do.
  • One needs to calm down and try to practice mindfulness. It also helps to be less judgemental and more patient when boredom hits.

How to Be Bored


First, you enter every task you can think off, and sort them into groups. Then you prioritise the most immediate projects and schedule tasks that you can do at a later date.

This method is good for techies: people who love using phones and have many tasks to organise or work on a variety of projects.

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Respect your rhythms and body clocks

Humans are not a machine or a piece of equipment, that can be made to work overtime and show more productivity.

We don't work like a machine, and working more hours does not mean more actual work. If we respect our body clock and work with it, we can be more productive.

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