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Think Like A Chef

Only one profession has developed a comprehensive philosophy on how to work, the culinary arts, and that philosophy is mise-en-place, a French phrase which means “to put in place.”

In the kitchen, it means to gather and arrange the ingredients and tools needed for cooking, but it’s also a tradition of focus and discipline, a method of working and being. A way of life.

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Work Clean

by Dan Charnas


Many companies have strict policies against discussing salaries with coworkers. The older generation is brainwashed to see conversations about salary as a ‘cloak and dagger activity’. 

Millennials have broken this flawed and unwritten rule, making discussion of salaries a common conversation, resulting in increased salary transparency and better negotiation power.


The work-life balance

The work-life balance broadly refers to the need for more leisure, family time or self-care. Critics of the term think it creates an artificial separation between work and life. Others feel the equation of work on the one side and life on the other is not a balance at all.

In response, the idea of work-life integration is becoming more popular.

"We entertain ourselves to death with social media instead of putting our minds to work and doing what's important."

People work an average of 45 hours a week; they consider about 17 of those hours to be unproductive.

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