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Deep Work vs. Messy: How to Balance Productivity and Creativity

Deep Work vs. Messy: How to Balance Productivity and Creativity

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"We entertain ourselves to death with social media instead of putting our minds to work and doing what's important."



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Deep Work's Core Message

Deep Work's Core Message

In Cal Newport's book, Deep Work, the concept of having full concentration and focus on a single task is heavily emphasized, and that the ability to do so has become inexplicably rare that those who cultivate this skill are those who thrive in life.

In order to achieve the goals we desire or to do more than we want to is to rid ourselves of distractions like social media among other things.


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Making Deep Work Possible

Making Deep Work Possible

  1. We must set aside time with our projects where we aren't going to be distracted. Let everyone know that you are not to be disturbed during a certain time;
  2. Allow yourself to embrace boredom and stop checking your social media - or you can choose to delete it entirely. Social media is heavily distracting and don't provide much value;
  3. Remove the things in your list that don't generate as many results, and instead focus on the things that will help achieve your desired goals.


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Messy's Core Message

Messy's Core Message

  • "Not every mess is good, but there can be a certain magic in mess."
  • Tim Harford, the author of Messy, believes that we can find great inspiration within our messes. How we express ourselves in a creative manner isn't always through a pristine desk, some of the most productive people have multiple projects going and messy desks.
  • We always look and reach for the tidy answers, only to find out that they're not as useful when things get messy.


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Overarching Lessons Between Deep Work and Messy

Overarching Lessons Between Deep Work and Messy

  1. If we don't produce anything, we won't be of any value to the economy. Technology is rapidly evolving and staying as we are is not going to cut it. Push yourself to try new things.
  2. Autonomy is the key to getting work done. It is important to have a workspace where you have control over and choose to focus and shut out distractions.
  3. Set quality goals and hold yourself accountable for them. Choose to do things that you have clarity upon whether it may advance your career or change your life.


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"The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time." - Lincoln

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