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The best way to observe the sun is by projecting the image.

  1. Use two pieces of cardboard. (such as flaps from a box)
  2. Make a small pinhole in the centre of one piece.
  3. Take both pieces in your hand.
  4. Stand with your back to the sun.
  5. Hold the piece with the pinhole, then place the other piece (the screen) behind it.
  6. The sunlight will pass through the pinhole and form an image on the screen.
  7. Adjust the distance between the two pieces to change the size of the image.
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Self Improvement


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire had all the winning ingredients:

  • A high-stakes game that got more dramatic the longer the contestant in the hotseat stayed;
  • A host that was charismatic and unreadable at the same time (Chris Tarrant);
  • Multiple choice questions with no time limit;
  • An ominous, gripping soundtrack.

The format of the show made it a highly entertaining interactive sport among family members huddled together. The show’s appeal was so good that many started exploiting its weaknesses and planned elaborate heists in order to win money.

Comfort Decorating

The spaces we spend most of our time in have a significant impact on our mindset. That's why many people are redoing their homes to become cosier, calming and efficient.

It is named "comfort decorating" and restores a sense of normalcy since the pandemic started.

Carl Sagan is most notably remembered for his gift of translating scientific undertakings into the language of human emotion.

He is less often credited as one of the driving factors behind Voyager's Golden Record. In 1977, Sagan gathered a group of scientific and cultural advisors that built a collection of 115 images, natural sounds from Earth, a selection of music, and greetings recorded in 59 languages that travel through space to greet any life-forms that might come across the record's path.

  • Absorption. People who become more absorbed in their experiences are more likely to experience awe.
  • Following a set of instructions to focus one's attention on the details of a natural environment can promote absorption.
  • Mindfulness meditation involves focusing your attention on your current experience while resisting distractions.
  • Actively using imagination helps with absorption. Those high in absorption are more prone to use mental imagery.

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